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We have a wide variety of different materials and styles from which you can choose.
You are sure to find something that fits your taste.

Our Projects include:
Steps – Sidewalks – Patios – Driveways – Retaining Walls – Piers – Pillars
Scroll through the Gallery for inspiration.

We can make your ideas become a reality,
Our work is done in cooperation with materials from our trusted suppliers.

Landscape gallery

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rosetta tra

Rosetta by Brown’s

Unlock the beauty and nuance itself in your landscape applications with Rosetta by Brown’s the innovative line of professional stone and landscaping products

By combining the look and feel of natural weathered stone with the dimensional consistency of concrete blocks, this premium line of hardscape products delivers creative solutions never before available in an engineered system.”

Stairs green


Brown’s Rosetta Step System

“The Rosetta Step Collection gives you the rugged attractiveness of natural stone but combines it with the safety and comfort of uniform rise. Rosetta’s Irregular Step line is perfect for free-flowing, natural staircases, while Rosetta’s Dimensional Step line is ideal for more formal, sophisticated settings.”

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Sidewalk green

Create a “country” feel to your yard by building a stone walkway. Brick, by contrast, will complement a formal landscape design.

Proper preparation is the secret of a successful landscaping project. When you chose HDVS Landscaping, you are guaranteed quality and excellence. Our strong German work ethic compels us to go the extra mile to ensure you receive the highest standard for enduring quality.

Patios green

Impress your friends and family with the allure of an amazing backyard patio. We offer you the know-how and professional German workmanship to fulfill all elements to make your patio the ultimate getaway in your very own backyard.

Our company is always on top of the newest design trends the landscaping industry has to offer. We only use the most innovative materials and installation techniques.

Our promise to you is that you can relax and we will do the hard work for you!

Stunning paver or stone can create your perfect space for your barbecue or to relaxing and to soak in the sun or to be the backdrop for the ultimate backyard party.

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Driveway green

Proper groundwork and quality materials are vital for a quality driveway. You cannot afford to take shortcuts if you want your project to endure the test of time.

Our highly trained, professional crew stays focused on your project

from start to finish, getting the job done faster with the highest standard of excellence.


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Retaining wall green

Browns Bernd a Nicole

From Armour stones to out cropping units from Browns Concrete
to slick rectangle blocks we can install it.
Retaining walls providing extra support where needed.
Reducing soil erosion,  forming steep slopes into terraced backdrops, creating  eye catching focal points in your landscape.
We are using the newest geotextile material, and techniques to make sure it last’s over time. Fight erosion and gravity and transform unremarkable inclines into usable outdoor space.

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