We got the knowlege , experince and equipment to provide you with all your pruning needs.

HDVS Landscaping works on a variety of shrubs:
* Evergreen
* Ornament Shrubs
* Hedges
* Large Flowering Shrubs
* Trees
* Fruit Trees
From heavy trimming to restoring overgrown gardens to seasonal cuts we can provide you with the services you need.
All our landscape waste is loaded and disposed at the town recyling centre for no charge – only trucking fee. Also we can shred the brench materail on side and provide you with your own mulch material.

We work with gas power tools long handled hedge cutter and pole chain saws to reach the hight spots at your hedges and shrubs.

Seasonal pruning is necessary to keep your larger shrubs looking healthy and attractive. Give us a calling we can bring your apple tree back to live. Your Hydrangea will brought to perfect blooming and some of your perenials might even bloom twice during the season.

We also work with Karl Beroll from Branching out and  
Mike Laende and Maria Diebolt form Manitoulin Tree Services

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