With our One Stop Shop landscape philosophy…
we are nowcompleting our all-around-packages with our new handyman services.
This includes cleaning, small repairs, removing and organizing around the house as needed.
Our services are including:
– Power washing / fences ,deck driveways etc.
– Gutter cleaning
– Chimney Sweeping

– General repairs / carpentry ( fences, decks and sheds etc.)

    / light plumbing and electrical
    / drywall and components
    / opening and closing cottages
    / repair and winterizing sprinkler systems

– Assembly services /deck furniture grills etc.
– General cleaning and organizing garage, basement, attic etc.
– Staining, painting and sealing, fences, deck, driveways
– Dump runs
– Delivery and pickup
– Holiday decoration
– Ice rink installation

We are offering  On Demand Services at competitive hourly rates
Base on leaving the shop and return.

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