Hans van Schayck – Owner of HDVS Landscaping and Custom Design


He arrived in Canada in 2003 coming from North-West Germany his expertise was in the field of landscaping.

Back in Germany he had been working as Landscaper for 20 years, which also included owning a landscaping business.

1983 – 1986 he graduated to Landscape Gardener through the State Chamber of Agriculture Rhineland, Germany.

Additional studies and skill trainings

1984 Techniques in Horticulture Basic Course

1985 Techniques In Horticulture and Landscaping Supplementary Course

1985 Working with natural stone and its usage in wall and step construction

1985 Knowledge of dendrology / knowledge of shrubs/coppicing and shrub pruning/ fertilization technology

1985 Tree felling and cultivation / coppicing

After two years of working in the field of garden and landscaping at the company Schnapp GMBH, Germany he then went on to study Landscape Gardening at the University for Horticulture and Landscaping Gardening in Essen, Germany

June of 1990 graduated to German state approved Horticultural Technician

Specialized area of horticulture, landscape construction and sports ground construction.

He also worked as health and safety officer in the field of landscape gardening according to the Association Regulations for Health and Safety at Work.

2017 attended the course PMB / Precast Modular Block

2018 participate the course ICPI / Concrete Paver Installer

2019 Participated the course PMB / Certified Wall Installer


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