Round out your garden design with plants and shrubs

More privacy , a little apple tree for the grandchildren, or just more perennials and bulbs blooming throughout the entire season for your personal enjoyment.
We will include all aspects of planting, less maintenance , deer resistant, fall colours and suitable for our climate zone.
Your personal needs are our guidelines.

We can also provide you with a list of plants in regards to plant quantity and quality. It includes images which might make it easier to visualize the possible outcome.



It can be a DIY project or our team can take care of your project from delivery through planting activity and fertilizing, trimming up to the final part the watering.
We can supply a variety of sizes and quality and its your decisions how big you would like to go specially with trees and shrubs.

some of our projects 2023


Our Main Supplier offering a huge variety of plant material and over the years of successful collaboration we developed a customer oriented relationship to provide you with the shrubs, trees and perennials you desire !

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