Every idea starts with a vision and we at HDVS Landscaping are here to make your outdoor ideas a reality!



  •  We offer simple on side consultation for your DIY project.
  • Pre design patio layouts.
  • Or our complete landscaping design services.



Personal on side Consultation Complete Landscaping Design Services
  • WE arrange your appointment and together we will find the perfect solution for your challenging DIY project.
  • WE provide you with preparatory information about general layout and possible material choice`s and how it can bring your garden to the next level
  • WE capture the results of our conversation with a little hand-made sketch and side notes so you got a handy guidelines when we are gone.
  • WE schedule our meeting and with your ideas and our professional input we will find your personal style.
  • WE take measurements and pictures of your project and provide you with a computerized coloured and scaled representation, which also can include a planting plan with botanic and common names as well as target location and quantities.


DIY /projects. ( $185 /up to two hours )
– Complet design services ( $85/hour )
plus 50 km additional milages fees applies $0.80 $/km

We would love to assist you creating and building a one of a kind backyard paradise that will be as unique relaxing as it will be enjoyable.
Our advise and set of design documents to scale and visualize the project will be the best investment you can make.


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