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Retaining Wall Project

Heritage Park Project

Retaining Base / Plant Box # 8

Driveway / Bouleward / Piers

Patio/Fireplace Project

Front Balcony Deck

Usually we don`t build decks but in this case it just happened. We did all the landscaping in the backyard. Several projects in the front. And at the same time we took care of the wooden deck with some upgrading .

Details Drainage and Insolation

Driveway/Retaining Project

Patio Project



General Garden Services

Hello everybody! I am Les Mandigo your service manager. I look forward to assisting you with all your gardening needs: From Lawn-cutting to weeding, fertilizing to hedge-trimming, and flowergarden rotational maintenance. With our professional service, we attend to the smallest details so that you don’t have to. Free Estimates Yearly/Seasonal Maintenance Program. Scheduled Services.  Bundled Prices.    Our General Garden Services are usually always done with two of … Read More General Garden Services


Fertilizing Program

Our granulate fertilizer application offers great value and results for your lawn. We can apply different fertilizer on scheduale to ensure healthy grown lawn over the season. We are working exclusively with Scotts and C.I.L products.  Customers can apply it on their own or we can do it along with your property maintenance service packages. – Organic product program available – Up to 4 … Read More Fertilizing Program



We got the knowlege , experince and equipment to provide you with all your pruning needs.   HDVS Landscaping works on a variety of shrubs: * Evergreen * Ornament Shrubs * Hedges * Large Flowering Shrubs * Small Trees * Fruit Trees   From heavy trimming to restoring overgrown gardens to seasonal cuts we can provide you with the services you need. All our landscape … Read More Pruning