Enjoy the nice rise of winter and we will take care for the snow, ice and slippery conditions.
We have the equipment to reach the tricky corners.            
No job is to big or to small.  

We are starting plowing when the snow reaches 2″ plus.

snow and ice removalOn request we can provide :

– Hand shoveling

– Vehicle clean up

– Salting & sanding

– Roof top snow removal

– Snowbank removal

– Ice scrape down

We also include a one time return included on the same day to remove snow banks caused by the township plow.

We are equipped to remove heavy snow from your roof including ground clean-up. We can install heat tapes as well as spread melting tablets to break the ice damn. 

With our compact backhoe Kubota B26 we are able to scrape down your layers of ice and also break up and remove your snow banks.
We are fully insured up to a liability coverage of 5 million dollar and certified for work at hight.

“The early bird gets the worm” which means that in our business the first one who books us gets their property plowed first. So first booked first served. We serve the first booking first the second booking second and so on…. We try to be fair to provide you with the best service possible. Don’t miss your spot !

Give us a call today for a FREE consultation.


2 Comments on “Ice/Snow Management

  1. Hans do you have certification and insurance to cover snow/ice removal from rooftop? With all this rain I need to relieve some pressure on roof complications have some heater cables on back and some vents as well as ridge cap and gas meter as well as wall furnace vent slightly above grade


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